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August 2021 Re-Launch of Playing GOD


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Playing God 2nd Ed Cover.jpg
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Hi, I'm Ben

BEN NOWLAND wants to dismantle the matrix...with you. And guess what? The matrix is an inside job! And...the external is a reflection of the internal. Multiple environmental factors including electromagnetic radiation, low-level but chronic chemical exposure, viruses, mould and general stress all intersect and overlay, causing a (sometimes baffling) health burden.  Doctors will likely have no idea as it is outside their framework. Unchecked, this cumulative toxic burden can reduce our ability to 'be ourselves'. In Playing GOD Ben introduced the the term 'spiritual effects' to capture an EMF-induced disconnection from Source, God...the Great Mystery. Here we are in 2021 and some people are putting things in their arms, yet another batch of toxins in the mix. Kryptonite was used to weaken Superman. 5G, at the very least, debilitates humans.


After getting sick whilst living in inner-city Sydney Ben spent two years rebuilding his life. Much of this journey is described in Playing GOD.


Playing GOD makes invisible energies 'visible' such that we can all make optimal health-life decisions and affect societal transformation.

ps. Ben talks about mind control, trans-humanism, propaganda and more - all very relevant to 2021!


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